• Which Do You Choose?


    The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?


    No one can make this choice for you.


    Either choice you make, you cannot avoid being Radically Responsible.

    Conscious Radical Responsibility empowers you to become Radically Responsible for the Choices you make...

    both your Conscious Choices AND Your Unconscious Choices

  • What is it, really, Radical Responsibility?

    How can I use it in practical ways?


    Responsibility is a spectrum. Every gameworld you play in - and every gameworld you build - either consciously or unconsciously commits to one of these five levels of responsibility.


    If the choice of which level of responsibility is being played out is made consciously, then it is documented in your Codex and Rules Of Engagement, and there will be Gameworld Guardians assuring that this is the level of responsibility being taken.


    If the choice of which level of responsibility is being played out is made unconsciously, then you are probably creating a 'hippie drop-in joint' of mixed levels of responsibility that serves as a prolific breeding ground for unconscious Low Drama Gremlin feeding frenzies.


    If in a group you cannot choose a level of responsibility for your Context and your Codex, you are probably with people who have their Adult Ego State contaminated by their Child Ego State, their Parent Ego State, their Gremlin Ego State, or a Demon Ego State. The way to proceed is to invite your Team to proceed with a year's worth of formal Ego State Decontamination, and then meet after that to try again.


    We are finding that no amount of Emotional Healing Processes can replace the Decontamination work because the Child, Parent, Gremlin, or Demon will 'eat' the results of the Emotional Healing Processes. There is no way to proceed when the Adult Ego State is contaminated. We suggest you simple do the work. It is part of authentic adulthood initiation.


    Here are the five levels of responsibility to choose from:


    1. At the lowest end of the spectrum of responsibility is the illusion that you can take 'No Responsibility'. In this illusion, you try to manipulate others to take care of you, and you complain, blame, and resent, while in the background your Gremlin hopes to take revenge. You live under a bridge as a bum, or in a prison with three 'meals' each day and clean sheets once per week. You do not have to worry about trying to decide what you are going to do today... it is all handled for you.


    2. The second level of responsibility is 'Child Level Responsibility'. If you ask the question, “When a child makes a mess, who cleans it up?” the answer is, “The adults.” Modern culture is making horrendous unconscionable messes with no intention at all of ever cleaning them up. Modern culture is a child-level-responsibility culture. Uninitiated adolescents are given power even at the highest levels in global hierarchies. Since modern culture bans authentic adulthood initiations, adulthood is forbidden. If you want adulthood, you will have to go to the edge and become an Edgeworker building an adulthood centered culture yourself.


    3. The third level of responsibility is 'Adult Level Responsibility'. Adult responsibility is fair. If you pay your share, I will pay my share. If you clean up your mess, I will clean up my mess. Things are clear, simple, and balanced. We negotiate to make things fair. We keep our agreements.


    4. The fourth level of responsibility is 'High Level Responsibility', which is a little more responsible than Adult Level Responsibility. In High Level Responsibility things lose their fairness. For example, you negotiate agreements but you do not expect that the other person will keep their agreements. You pick up trash even if you did not drop it. You Hold and Navigate Extraordinary Space in meetings even if you are not the designated Spaceholder because making this extra effort serves your Bright Principles. You lift up the edge of the carpet and see what other people have been sweeping under there due to their Shadow Principles. You pull out the 'poop', and put the poop on the table so that the unconscious creations can become conscious, reality can be re-achieved, and something extraordinary can be created.


    5. The fifth level of responsibility is 'Radical Responsibility'. Radical Responsibility is being inescapably responsible for the level of responsibility being taken in any gameworld and any space, even when it looks like there is no gameworld and no space. Awareness of the level of responsibility being taken mostly causes pain. This is the pain of the awareness that the potential that is possible is not being actualized in the current circumstances. It is the pain of holding both an accurate assessment of current reality, and a solid estimation of true potential, in the same place (your awareness) at the same time. The more of this pain you can endure, the more interesting your projects and coincidences become. Consciously Choosing and standing in Radical Responsibility puts you in alignment with archetypal forces in the Universe (such as the Earth Coincidence Control Office, and your Archetypal Lineage) because this is a Radically Responsible Universe. (e.g. A stone placed on the table will stay there on the table until you or someone else moves the stone or the table. The stone will not magically disappear or move somewhere else. In other words, every action or inaction has unavoidable consequences.) The human nervous system is sophisticated enough to directly interact with these archetypal forces, meaning they become your resources. The playing field field of Radical Responsibility is the Archetypal Domains, which are accessed through the Doorway of the Decontaminated Adult Ego State. The Archetypal Domains are where human beings can creatively collaborate in, and enjoy the ecstasies of, Archetypal Five Body Intimacy Journeys.


    If you seek adulthood, where are your adult role models? The politicians? The businessmen? School teachers? Priests? Bankers? No, these are uninitiated adolescents at the head of hierarchies guarded by police carrying pepper spray and 9mm semi-automatic Glock pistols.


    It can help you to stand in Radical Responsibility when you personally research and discover that the Rule of Law of the capitalist patriarchal empire has lost its legitimacy because it kills life on Earth at the fastest possible rate, leading us directly to global ecocide. Anyone obeying modern culture’s Rule of Law is criminally insane. Anyone enforcing modern culture’s Rule of Law has already forfeited their life.


    This leaves you the option of either complaining loudly to a system designed to oppress complainers, or, as Buckminster Fuller suggested, build new Gaian Gameworlds that make the existing Gameworlds irrelevant. (Don’t be left behind playing in a stupid Gameworld.)


    Complaining forces you to petition external authority as a Victim, hoping to manipulate them into rescuing you. This is Low Drama. It is also not very effective...


    Building and inhabiting a new Gameworld is High Drama. High Drama starts with you taking Radical Responsibility for the Values of every Gameworld that you play in, then choosing to stay in a Gameworld, or get out of it.


    In Radical Responsibility it becomes irrefutably clear that you are responsible for the level of responsibility being taken, because irresponsibility is an illusion. It is impossible to be a Victim. There is no such thing as ‘a problem’ until you call it ‘a problem’. Everything is neutral and meaningless until you make up and apply a story and force yourself to believe that the circumstances have the meaning you just gave them.


    Taking Radical Responsibility automatically cuts you loose from the restraints of existing gameworlds because it includes taking Radical Responsibility for ‘growing up’ so you no longer project your ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ onto authority figures. Instead you stand in your own Authority, shockingly free of the rules and assumptions of the existing gameworlds. Adulthood initiatory processes may be tough, but imagine the reward: gaining the capacity to create and shift into Gameworlds or Nanonations that thrive in the culture you would love to live in.


    If you have read this far and feel even more excited and committed to your life than before, you have already done your first adventure in Radical Responsibility. You have already jumped.


    Please be aware that, as Pema Chodron states, "The nature of reality id groundlessness."


    Related to entering Radical Responsibility, we have several strong recommendations:


    1. Get familiar with Liquid States in 5 Bodies. Learn the possible symptoms of each body to locate yourself on the 5 Body Liquid States thoughtmap so that when the bottom of what you thought was 'reality' drops out and you experience yourself in free-fall, you do not check yourself into the hospital for a brain scan. Instead, connect closer in with your Possibility Team, your 3Cell, and if desired, your Possibility Coach, and share vulnerably about the emotions that are coming up for you, especially when the emotions are mixed. Use Emotional Healing Processes (EHP) with EVERY one of the emotions that arise for one whole month, even if that means doing 30 Emotional Healing Processes in this time. These EHPs should have happened for you already starting when you became eighteen years old. Growing up requires that you do your EHPs whenever they arise as emotional doorways. It is possible is to move through your Liquid States elegantly, and thoroughly. The suggestion is: move through them, and don't make a big deal out of it.


    2. Reorient your framework from 'verbal reality' - meaning life in your head - to 'experiential reality' - meaning life that arrives first wordlessly as direct experience in your four other bodies (physical, emotional, energetic, and archetypal) without interpretations, stories, or understanding distorting the incoming sensations. There are many experiments that can help you make this significant and necessary transition at http://experientialreality.mystrikingly.com.


    3. Entering Radical Responsibility will be a 'Start Over' moment. You will notice the truth of this from your expanded reference points that arrive in experiential reality. Most of what you already know will no longer apply, as if you landed on a different planet with less gravity and more oxygen. You would feel quite different, but would grow accustomed to your new conditions rather easily if you didn't freak out about it. It can help tremendously to read the introductory StartOver.xyz website: http://howtoplay.mystrikingly.com and make use of the 'how-to-start-over' distinctions and context-setting hints there. Acknowledge that you are starting over in a new kind of living.


    4. Seriously explore what 'groundlessness' means by studying and experimenting at the following websites:







    5. Hire a Possibility Coach to take you through the guided Self Surgery of relocating your Point Of Origin from being your Survival Strategy Box (meaning your ordinary personality character), to being an Edgeworker or a Riftwalker. This will help make sense of a lot of things that are happening to you that do not fit into the modern culture identity of being a 'good upstanding citizen' or a member of some religious belief system.


    6. It would also help you to increase your Identity Shifting skills by studying and experimenting with what is offered at http://shiftidentity.mystrikingly.com. To deepen your perspectives using a real-life example, please watch the film Jim and Andy, a documentary made of the actor Jim Carrey's experiences while he played both Andy Kaufman and 'Tony Clifton' in the film Man On The Moon.


    7. Consider facing into an accurate assessment of current reality such as is explored at the websites http://everygeneration.mystrikingly.com and http://whatnow.mystrikingly.com. The point is not to be a victim of what is happening, but to find exactly how you are creating it with an eye towards possibly creating something else.


    Modern culture has few distinctions and a diminished vocabulary for speaking about Radical Responsibility. Nonetheless, descriptions and clarifications are needed because interacting with the world, with others, and with your life and its problems and possibilities from Radical Responsibility is

















    TRANSLATION. If this toilet is dirty it's only because you didn't clean it.

    Your Dojo is your mirror.

    - Photo by Marcin Szot

    Alan Watts: The moral re-armament movement.


    If the wrong man works in the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.


    When you are perfectly free to feel stuck or unstuck, then you are unstuck.


  • There Are No Rules Here

    Part 1 of 6

    Do not try to make the ideas in this website into rules.


    These ideas are offered as considerations, perspectives of thought, and as possible avenues of experimentation to be used for your personal development and enjoyment.


    If you take these ideas as rules you are trying to give away your personal authority to the author of this website, and he refuses to be used as such an authority for you. Generate and sustain your own authority through doing your own experiments.


    You can consciously create and live in a nearly continuous state of radiant ecstasy by navigating to Archetypal Love in your relationships.


    Do not expect yourself to already know what Radical Responsibility or Archetypal Relationship is. We are not educated about these things in the normal course of our public education. You inherited Standard Issue Human Thoughtware. It got you this far. It won't take you much further.


    Since we do not already know about Radical Responsibility the appropriate form of learning to apply would be Expansive Learning. In Expansive Learning you start from knowing that you do not already know the most important elements about the thing you are trying to learn about. Then each new observation and experience is respected and accepted for what it is without having to make it fit into anything you already know.


    As more and more islands of experience and knowledge are assimilated, sooner or later they begin connecting to each other in practical and understandable ways, establishing entirely new knowledge continents. Through continued expansion, the new continents come to rival in both size and usefulness the original knowledge continents given to you by your birth culture. In Expansive Learning there is no top end to what you can discover and learn about.

    Although the knowledge continents of Adolescent Level Responsibility and Adult Level Responsibility are not directly connected to the knowledge continent of Radical Responsibility, it turns out that only after thoroughly understanding the distinctions between Adolescent and Adult, can we look into the horizon and detect that there is indeed such a thing as the Radical or Archetypal.


    Do not expect to enter Radical Responsibility or Archetypal Relationship if you are not already creating Extraordinary (Adult level Responsibility) Human Relationship.


    Do not expect to enter Radical Responsibility if you don't already know your Gremlin's Shadow Principles by heart and he sits at your side ready to spot other Gremlins and to create nonlinear possibility at your beck and call.














    No amount of Emotional Healing Processes can replace Adulthood Decontamination work because the Child, Parent, Gremlin, or Demon will 'eat' the results of the Emotional Healing Processes. There is no way to proceed beyond a certain point when the Adult Ego State is contaminated. We suggest you simply do the work. It is part of authentic adulthood initiation.

  • Archetypal Context

    Part 2 of 6

    Radical Responsibility is a context, not a method.


    This is a big statement and warrants unfolding.


    A 'context' is a container or a framework that catches and holds certain clarities in the same way that a fishnet gathers fish. If you redesigned your fishnet with a wider or narrower mouth, with larger or finer netting, your design modifications would change the kinds of fish that you could catch.


    The same is true with context. If you adopt a different context for relationship then you will find that a different quality and experience of relationship shows up for you. Just like with the fishnet, the proof of whether or not you have shifted your relationship context is whether or not new qualities of relationship appear.

    Shifting the context of relationship, for example, is probably not one of those skills that your Dad took you aside to explain. The manner in which Archetypal Relationship replaces the context of Extraordinary Human Relationship, for example, is indirect, subtle and profound, beyond the Box’s capacity to arrange.


    You can also shift the context of education, money, entertainment, conflict, not knowing, health, beliefs, community, etc. etc. etc.


    If you do not shift the contexts at work in your life, who will.


    To shift context it helps to build new gameworlds to live, work, and play in.

    The Box demands simplified instructions for making things happen, like, “First pull up, then pull down.” “Lather, rinse, repeat.” “Insert tab A into slot B.” “Push to start.” The Box wants linear techniques that produce surefire results. The Box has designed our modern culture with an editorial preference towards science and technology. But, in the case of relationship, what the Box wants and how things actually work do not coincide. Archetypal Relationship is multidimensional and alive, writhing with subtle never-repeated energy patterns. Ordinary linear instructions will not help you. This is why some people who would perhaps make wonderful parents cannot get pregnant. Their Box wants a child but something in their relationship context produces physiological conditions that won’t allow it.

    The difference between what the Box wants and how things actually work is also why using Viagra or Cialis to make a man’s dick hard will not necessarily enhance a couple’s sexual intimacy. Archetypal Relationship is a context, not a drug.

    Think of it this way. Having top-quality recipes does not guarantee that you can produce an extraordinary meal. Creating extraordinary meals comes from being an extraordinary cook, not from having an extraordinary cookbook. Extraordinary cooking is a mysterious faculty that takes years of training, practice and luck to develop, and is completely independent of the brand of your kitchen appliances.

    Does having elegant furniture in your living room guarantee that the people who come to visit will connect to each other with warmth and harmony? No. Does having an impressive website guarantee that you will have lots of paying clients? No. Does wearing superb clothing or make-up guarantee that someone superb will be attracted to you? No. In the same way, following a step-by-step procedure will not guarantee that you enter Archetypal Relationship.

    If this website were trying to give you a procedure it would have ended before reaching Archetypal considerations. There is no system, method or procedure that guarantees entry into Archetypal domains. And, there ARE ways of behaving that increase your chances of gaining access to the Archetypal. This website is about those ways. The gates of heaven are more prone to open if your behavior already resonates with what is on the other side of those gates.












  • Archetypal Purpose

    Part 3 of 6

    To investigate the Archetypal purpose of Radical Responsibility, let us ask the bigger question: What is the Archetypal purpose of the universe? One would have to be galactically arrogant to seriously consider answering such a question. But we need an answer. One way to figure out what the universe is up to now would be to review what the universe has been up to during the past few billion years. The pattern seems rather clear: dust, to diatoms, to dinosaurs, to Danny DeVito – the Archetypal purpose of the universe appears to be Evolution.

    The organic tissues constituting the saltwater computer of the human form represent a potential for evolution that surpasses our own capacity to estimate. This vast and awesome evolutionary potential, however, is imprisoned and limited by our free volitional power controlled by our Box. It is our Box that stands guard between our evolvable being and the evolutionary purpose of the universe. The Box’s self-defending purpose prevails. This is the true impact of free will.

    When the purpose of your Box is unchanged from its original survival purpose then your Box is dedicated to defending itself from the universe’s efforts to bring your Being through evolutionary steps. As a side effect ypu are left stranded in Ordinary Human Relationship.


    When you are more initiated into Adulthood, then the purpose of your Box shifts from defending itself to expanding itself. Instead of trying to keep everything the same, your Box starts seeking how to learn, grow, and expand. Have you noticed any such changes happening in your own behaviors lately?

    When you change the strategy of your Box to that it aligns to the evolutionary forces of the universe you gain functionality in the responsible Adult ego state and can enter Extraordinary Human Relationship. These are joyous times!

    When you develop the ability to discern between the mechanical busy-ness of your Box and your natural ability 'to be' and to 'be-with,' you can then make a paper-thin gap between the urges of your Box and what you choose to do, so that the Box’s motivations become irrelevant.


    With the Box’s mechanical drivers and defenses disconnected from your actions it is like the wheels of a car when the clutch is disengaged. The engine can go as fast as it wants but the wheels won’t take you anywhere. Without the Box fully in charge defending its status quo you are free to be influenced by evolutionary forces and can be moved in unexpected directions (freaking out your Box in an irrelevant way...) such as towards Archetypal Relationship and Radical Responsibility.


    Your interactions with other people and circumstances in the world can then become a theater in which Archetypal Love can perform. This, however, does not mean the end to all your problems. For example, Radical Responsibility is not intended to solve the problem of loneliness. Actually Radical Responsibility is not intended to solve any problems. The value of Radical Responsibility is that it creates the possibility for Archetypal Man and Archetypal Woman to be functionally present in the world.


    How can you figure out what this all means? How do you work with these conditions?











  • There Are Two Forms Of 'WHAT IS'

    Part 4 of 6

    You do not have to understand this next section to continue reading in this website.


    However, if you DO understand this section, then you absolutely require it to continue:


    If you are aware of the illusion of opposites (e.g. the illusion that light and dark are opposites, which is an illusion because you cannot have one without the other), you also recognize that using the perspective that time flows from the future through the present and into the past is naïve. I bring this up because I have suggested that the Archetypal purpose of relationship is Evolution. The standard understanding of Evolution is that Evolution depends on the flow of time. We ordinarily imagine that things slowly or suddenly evolve during a passage of time.


    By saying that the Archetypal purpose of relationship is Evolution I am not associating relationship with a past-present-future 'trying to achieve a goal' flow-of-time orientation. Nondualistic clarity sees the eternal NOW as having no flow of time. In a Minimized NOW there is no time.


    To understand the overall purpose of relationship as Evolution without discounting the Archetypal clarity of the nondual perspective that the eternal NOW has no time flow, you must have the additional clarity that, in the timeless, eternal NOW there are actually two forms of 'what is'.


    There is a passive form of 'what is' and an active form of 'what is'.


    The passive form of 'what is' is accepting what is, as it is, here and now in the moment without judgment.


    The active form of 'what is' is conscious creation.


    Relocating your Point Of Origin to creating what is, is Radical Responsibility.


    In the same way that creating does not happen in time and only happens NOW, Evolution also only happens NOW.


    A Possibilitator lives in the orientation that what happens NOW is either accepted or created, both of which include conscious responsibility.


    Radical Responsibility is not about trying to evolve into something different in the future, but is rather about embracing the 5 Body ongoing experiences of 'Evolution happening' NOW.

  • The Conditions Created By Radical Responsibility Are Archetypal

    Part 5 of 6

    Learning how to function in Archetypal conditions starts with you taking responsibility for having the potential to represent Archetypal Masculine and Feminine forces. Since Archetypal understanding is not provided to us by our culture, the first steps in gaining that understanding on your own can be a little debilitating. It is important to allow yourself time and space to grow accustomed to handling the sharpness of the clarity that is characteristic of Archetypal perspectives. Sharpness is, well... sharp.

    As a college student, I was home visiting my parents over Christmas. I had been practicing fencing in college and was eager to show off my sword-fighting talents to my new girlfriend. My parents were not at home at the time and I took advantage of the opportunity by removing one of their two Spanish swords from a false shield-at-arms that an interior-decorator had mounted over my parents’ living room fireplace. The blade of the sword was not sharpened, but the sword was pointed and made out of steel. I parried and lunged around the living room, barefoot, proudly showing off as best I could. Then when my “demonstration” was over, I absentmindedly let the sword drop to my side, assuming unconsciously that, since it was a fake sword, I did not have to take any of the usual precautions. In one swift move the sword sliced open the top of my right foot. I still carry the scar today, a reminding factor that handling sharpness requires extraordinary and unbroken attention. The same is true with the sharpness of Archetypal perspectives. Handle them with care. No matter if a clay water pitcher hits a rock, or a rock hits the pitcher, it is going to bad for the pitcher. Diamond clarity easily slices through illusion wherever it touches the illusion. Holding Archetypal perspectives requires more than ordinary responsibility. Holding Archetypal perspectives requires Radical Responsibility.

    From the archetypal perspective of Radical Responsibility.

    • Everything that happens is neutral and completely without meaning.
    • If something happens it does not happen for a reason and does not imply anything.
    • When something happens it happens without any story attached.
    • There is no good or bad, no better or worse, no right or wrong, and no positive or negative, until a story-generating human gets involved. Then suddenly there are all kinds of opinions and stories!
    • From the Radically Responsible perspective, what is, is, just as it is, without implication and without meaning.
    • Your job is to be neutrally engaged with what is on all levels, to accept what is, just as it is here and now, without judgment.
    • Your job (and delight!) is to be a present-tense noticing Being.
    • From the Radically Responsible perspective, there is no such thing as a problem. 'Problem' is a human concept invented to establish a dramatic relationship between a person and a specific set of conditions. Defining a condition as 'a problem' is completely subjective and changes from person to person, from moment to moment. and from situation to situation.
    • One person’s problem is another person’s perfect paradise.
    • From the Radically Responsible perspective you cannot be 'in' a situation, because you manufactured the perspective that creates the opinion that you are in a situation in the first place. There is no situation without a person there to claim that they are in this particular situation. Without the person’s 'story' about the circumstances, there exist merely neutral, unconnected circumstances.
    • From the Radically Responsible perspective it is impossible to be a victim. Consciously or unconsciously you made every single choice and took every single action that got you into those exact circumstances, whatever they are. Pretending to be a 'victim of the circumstances' is a boring theatrical role that you play in order to serve unconscious Shadow Principles, thereby causing an energetic exchange called 'Low Drama' that can feed your Gremlin, sometimes for years, decades, or generations.
    • In the Radically Responsible view you cannot choose to take or not take responsibility. You are Radically Responsible because this is a Radically Responsible universe.
    • Irresponsibility is a delusion that carries a heavy cost and serves Hidden Purposes.

    What does all this mea? It means if you are sick, you are sick. You are not being punished.


    If you lost your keys, you lost your keys. Your are not stupid.


    If you win a contract or lose a contract either way it has no meaning about the value of your work.


    Yes, there are certainly causes to what happens or fails to happen. There may also be consequences. There may be after effects or side effects to what you do or do not do, and these you can learn to navigate better and better by paying closer attention to the details of what and how you create with your communications and choices.


    Yes, the Universe is a giant feedback generator and feedback is gold.


    Noticing consequences can be extremely useful, but consequences have no meaning attached unless you attach it.


    It does not even mean anything that the consequences do not mean anything!


    Even if other people attach meaning to what is, or to consequences, you do not have to.











  • Making Magic

    Part 6 of 6

    The perspective that everything is neutral can at first seem to be inhuman.


    For example, how could it be neutral that someone is raped or beaten or robbed? How could it be meaningless if millions of innocent people are killed in political upheavals? That children are enslaved or sexually molested? That animals are routinely tortured? There must be meaning to the 'terrorist attack' on the World Trade Center! Or to the devastation of tropical rain forests! To ignore the meaning of such atrocities seems completely inhuman.


    Back to relationships: You can create and navigate Ordinary Human Relationship (Adolescent Level Responsibility full of Low Drama) and Extraordinary Human Relationship (Adult Level Responsibility). Taking Radical Responsibility opens the door to creating and navigating Archetypal Relationship.


    In the phrase Archetypal Relationship you will notice that the word 'human' is missing.


    That omission is on purpose.


    The reason that human beings do not enter the domain of Archetypal Relationship is because human beings as originally packaged are too cumbersome. Human beings come with their Box.


    The Boxes used by us human beings to give ourselves the secure feeling of having an identity are meaning-making machines. The entryway to Archetypal territories is too narrow to bring your Ordinary Child or Adolescent Level Responsibility Boxes along. Taking Radical Responsibility cuts away the entanglements created by the meaning-making machinery of the Box. But it also cuts away Ordinary and Extraordinary Humanness.

    You do not have to worry about becoming inhuman, superhuman, nonhuman or subhuman. Shifting to Archetypal is not volitional, meaning that you cannot just decide to go there. You can only put yourself into a position of necessity as a proposal for the universe to bump you into the Archetypal. You can make that proposal very often. The universe does not mind...


    The Archetypal itself decides if shifting you would serve the Archetypal.


    Shifting to Archetypal gives you no freedom from conscience, from moral principles, or from respecting human dignity. Quite the opposite is true. Shifting to Archetypal occurs spontaneously in response to objective necessity, and such necessity only arises if you have appropriately prepared yourself. Some of those preparations are taking Radical Responsibility for Conscience, for Principles, and for Dignity.

    If you do take Radical Responsibility and enter the Archetypal domains, you will find that the shift unleashes tremendous energy reserves that were previously consumed in dealing with human meanings. The extra energy is powerful.


    Aligning yourself to Archetypal forces makes you a conductor of Archetypal power.


    What you soon realize is that although you have access to Archetypal power, the power is not yours. The power cannot be used to accomplish your Box’s or your Gremlin’s purposes. Archetypal power can only be used to accomplish Archetypal tasks and purposes.


    You are probably accustomed to the many shortcuts and loopholes used for 'cheating' and 'lying' while using power in the Ordinary Human domains. Deceptions and omissions are allowed here with little consequence. If you can get away with it using cleverness, balls, or Chutzpah, it is allowed, even admired.


    Not so in the Extraordinary / Adult Human domains. Here there are fewer rules but also fewer loopholes. Excuses are not so readily accepted. Agreements are broken with greater consequence.


    In Archetypal domains the rules apply even more strictly. There are chambers and spaces where there may even be but one rule for using power, but that rule applies absolutely. Understanding and following that rule requires Radical Responsibility. This is where the magic happens.

  • Experiments in Radical Responsibility

    Become Centered, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Center

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.01

    For 6 hours, refuse to be adaptive. Refuse to give your center away. In every way you behave and relate with others, do not be nice. Instead be you.


    Keep practicing until you can Be Centered for 6 hours continuously. Then register your Matrix Point for this Radical Responsibility Experiment.

    First Position, Possibilitator Training, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For First Position

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.02

    After you have done Experiment RADRESPO.01 then for 6 hours refuse to leave First Position.


    Split your Attention to remember your Center, Grounding Cord, Bubble, Cube of Workspace, Gremlin at your side, Toolbelt, 4 Feelings Archetypes at your service, and your Bright Principles.


    Keep practicing until you can stay in First Position for 6 hours continuously. Then register your Matrix Point for this Radical Responsibility Experiment.

    Conscious Feelings, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Consciously Feeling

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.03

    For 6 days take Radical Responsibility for using the intelligence and energy of your Conscious Feelings and Emotions. Refuse to raise your Numbness Bar to go numb. Refuse to Unconsciously Feel and go into Reactivity. Use your feelings for handling things. Use your Emotions as doorways into Emotional Healing Processes for which you ask others to hold and navigate the space. Write the results of your Feelings and Emotions in your Beep! Book.


    Be Radically Responsible with your Feelings and Emotions for 6 days and nights in a row. Then register your Matrix Point for this Radical Responsibility Experiment at StartOver.xyz

    Point Of Origin, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Point Of Origin

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.04

    Conscious Will, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Will

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.04

    Real Voice, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Real Voice

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.04

    Hammer Of Assertion, 13 Tools, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Responsibility For Your Hammer Of Assertion

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.05

    Voice Blaster, 13 Tools, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Voice Blaster

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.06

    Path, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Path

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.07

    Sword Of Clarity, 13 Tools, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Clarity

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.09

    Proposals, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Making Proposals

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.09

    Your Gremlin, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Gremlin

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.10

    Your Attention, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Attention

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.11

    Possibility, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For What Is Possible Right Now

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.12

    Asking, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Power To Ask

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.13

    Choosing, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Choosing

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.14

    Go Nonlinear, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Going Nonlinear

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.15

    Purpose Sniffer, 13 Tools, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Purpose Sniffer

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.16

    Reactivity, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Reactivity

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.17

    Ego State, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Ego State

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.18

    Jakobs Ladder, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Jakobs Ladder

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.19

    Disk Of Nothing, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Disk Of Nothing

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.20

    Become Unhookable, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Being Unhookable

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.21

    Become Money, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Money

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.22

    Listen to this 10 minute podcast from Alan Watts:


    Spend 30-60 minutes writing into your Beep! Book what you are really afraid of regarding money.

    You do not have enough money because you are not aware of your actual value (the value of your Being).

    Just like you do not have enough time because you are not aware of the present.

    You imagine yourself as a result of the past.

    The past is always caused by the Present, like the wake of a ship is caused by its prow.

    It all begins here.

    Creation begins here.

    You are doing it, and you won't admit it.

    It is much better to have a present than a future, because if you make plans, then by the time you get there you will be somewhere else.

    It is much better to experience the value of your Being than it is to have more money in the bank because the value of your Being can not be devalued, and your money can be.

    Go Unreasonable, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Going Unreasonable

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.23

    http://parts.mystrikingly.com, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Parts

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.24

    Fear of Connection, StartOver.xyz

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Fear Of Connection

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.25

    Become An Experimenter, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Being An Experimenter

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    Your Quest, StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management

    Take Radical Responsibility For Your Quest

    Matrix Code RADRESPO.27

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